The Sylvan magic of wood is the fabric and reality of your dreams...

What “wood” you like us to create for you?

From the acorn of an idea… to the mighty oak of a finished project.

Using nature’s most beautiful building material to bring your dreams to life.

Where natural beauty meets human ingenuity.

We use the finest timber to create beautiful and enduring living spaces.

Professional Services

Foxtail provides end-to-end timber solutions that begin long before the first piece of wood is cut. We believe that a quality product or project solution starts with a partnership between client, architect, suppliers and craftsmen.

Involving Foxtail at the earliest possible opportunity means your project will be delivered on-time and on-budget. Our professional services offering draws on our extensive experience of managing cost-effective timber solutions in a range of locations.

Foxtail Professional Services can assist with every aspect of project design and development. We are specialists in determining the best timber for each job, and sourcing the correct volume at the right price.

Foxtail offers the following services in-house or in collaboration with our professional partners:

Project Management

Harness the power and expertise of Foxtail to initiate, plan, execute, control your construction project, with a keen eye on timeframes and budget. We specialise in using timber and timber products to construct large-scale projects such as lodges and malls, and we have significant experience in overcoming logistical and administrative challenges to deliver results in remote locations.

Property Valuations

Using timber adds beauty to your property, but can also add to its market value. Our property valuation service will give you an objective figure for the current value of your property, as well as researching the market for similar properties in the local area and tracking recent trends. The information we supply is as well put-together as our construction projects, and will empower you to make informed decisions with confidence, no matter how substantial.

Quantity Surveying

Professional construction estimations supplied by Foxtail include cost planning and throughout the entire length of the project, along with risk management, procurement advice and assessing any additional costs arising from changes to the design or intended use of a structure. Accurate quantity surveying costs saves on both procurement and transport costs, as well as minimising the environmental impact of a project.

Architectural Service

Anything an architect can design, we can create in timber. We stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest techniques and equipment so that we can bring even the most ambitious projects to life, exactly as they were conceived. We see the entire process as involving wood – from the architect’s pencil and sketchpad right through to high-quality roofing, flooring and decking.

By liaising with architects from project inception, we are able to advise at an early stage on material suitability and availability, volumes required, and the feasibility of design elements. If an architect can draw it and we don’t think it can be done, we won’t rest until we find a way to do overcome the challenge safely and elegantly.


As a timber company, we have a direct responsibility to care for the ecosystems from which we source the materials we use. Timber is the ultimate renewable material, as long as forests are sustainably managed.
We take our environmental responsibilities extremely seriously, and vet all our timber suppliers to ensure that they comply with our code of conduct. Sustainable forests – just like our projects – should be around for future generations to enjoy.
Foxtail sources all its timber from sustainable forests, and our design and planning service ensures minimal wastage by accurately computing the precise amounts of timber that are needed for each project.
We may occasionally choose not to supply certain timbers if we cannot be certain that they are from sustainable sources. If this should be the case, we will endeavour to find you a close alternative, equally beautiful and with similar properties. Because a beautiful building shouldn’t cost the earth.

Sustainable alternatives to timber

Foxtail has pioneered the use of eco-sensitive materials such as wood-plastic composites (WPC) which are made from co-extruded timber and other products, with no harmful chemicals involved in the manufacturing process.

WPC decking has a natural wood-grain effect and the variation you would expect from timber. However, it is 100% splinter-free and requires almost no maintenance – which means no time spent varnishing, oiling or staining – and a long-term solution that’s kinder to the environment.

We deliver higher-quality products and services to our clients