The Sylvan magic of wood is the fabric and reality of your dreams...

What “wood” you like us to create for you?

From the acorn of an idea… to the mighty oak of a finished project.

Using nature’s most beautiful building material to bring your dreams to life.

Where natural beauty meets human ingenuity.

We use the finest timber to create beautiful and enduring living spaces.

What we do

Foxtail can deliver a complete range of timber solutions, from entire structures to customised elements and bespoke furniture. If the kind of project you want to see realised is not listed here, please contact us and we’ll work with you to see how we can best help you.


Timber roof trusses are enjoying a resurgence in the design of residential and commercial buildings. Their strength and aesthetic appeal, in addition to their durability, gives them distinct advantages over other materials. Foxtail can design and create roof trusses that are compatible with any roofing option from thatch to tiles. Architects are increasingly using designs with exposed roof trusses, and timber is their clear first choice for the warmth it brings to what can otherwise be quite cold modern buildings. All Foxtail roof trusses are custom-designed and handmade to exact specifications. Whether they are intended to be seen or not, they are always of the highest quality.


The South African climate is perfect for outdoor living, and swimming pools and braais are staples of our family leisure time at home or on holiday. Quality timber decking is a graceful and practical addition to any structure, enabling you to enjoy the outdoors just as much as the indoors by expanding your living space. Hard-wearing yet beautiful, timber decking ages elegantly and will provide decades of service. We only consider a Foxtail decking project to be complete once we have handed over a project-specific maintenance manual with all the information you need to ensure your decking gives you as much pleasure in the years to come, as on the day we lay it. We also work with a range of eco-friendly composite decking materials, which offer many of the aesthetic advantages of wood combined with almost zero maintenance.


Hardwood floors are an affordable luxury that add immeasurably to the character and beauty of your home or lodge, and offer an unbeatable combination or warmth, natural aesthetic appeal and practical advantages. The natural variations in wood mean that the tone and feel of your flooring will change throughout the day. Foxtail can source the widest range of hardwood species from around the world, to find a perfect match for your décor scheme, whether you choose contemporary or traditional. We also offer laminate flooring solutions, and every Foxtail floor is precisely engineered for a seamless and dead level fit.


Claddings are a popular facade that can add warmth to a building and provide a sustainable option over brick or alternative finishes. It is an attractive and economical way to finish a new structure, and can be retro-fitted to existing structures to update their appearance. The range of colours and finishes available presents the option of either blending in harmoniously with the building’s surroundings, or standing out and making a statement. Either way, no-one can fail to notice the quality of a Foxtail finish. Foxtail’s innovative approach to cladding has seen us build up expertise in all the latest cladding techniques, including blade walls.


Modern landscape architects turn to Foxtail when looking to create landmark features in larger grounds. Our beautiful yet durable wooden structures can enhance any garden, especially when placed in locations where natural growth of roses and vines will complete their integration into their surroundings. Foxtail pergolas add shade, substance and focal points to both new and mature gardens, and facilitate use of the grounds throughout the day. By handmaking all our pergolas from carefully selected timber, we imbue them with lasting organic qualities that ensure they never look out of place. Whether you plan an elegant, manicured garden or a more natural look, a Foxtail pergola can fulfill any role from centrepiece to contemplative corner.

The Great Outdoors

Give your family, visitors or customers more space and options to enjoy the wonderful South African climate. Make the most of your garden or grounds, add interest to estate landscapes or facilitate activities for game lodge guests. Foxtail outdoor structures can do all of these things, and more. No matter the location or your requirements, engage Foxtail to see your outdoor space dreams come true.

Bespoke furniture

The best furniture is not only beautiful, but it has personality as well. Which is why wood is the ideal material for chairs, tables, beds and more. We see each piece of furniture as a miniature sculpture: Not only must it be aesthetically pleasing, but it must fit exactly into your lifestyle and be a focal point in your home or building. Foxtail uses the natural warmth of wood to create pieces that are not only striking, but inviting and comfortable. Each piece of wood is naturally unique, and each piece of Foxtail bespoke furniture captures this to its best advantage.

Steel and timber projects

While we specialise in timber, we also have the know-how to work with other materials that complement timber and enable us to go to think outside the box in terms of design and functionality. Neither wood nor steel alone is the perfect choice for every single application, but by combining the best qualities of each in the structures we build, we create subtle, dynamic and resilient projects which are as brilliantly engineered as they are intuitively beautiful.


Custom-made balustrades for every application. The perfect finishing touch to balconies, verandahs, and viewing decks. Combining style and safety, Foxtail balustrades can be designed and made to fit any form and size of edge, in keeping with the style of your structure. We specialise in ‘difficult’ shapes such as wavy or curved edges.


Foxtail’s quality materials and outstanding workmanship take staircases to the next level – in every sense. Whether required for indoor or outdoor settings, a Foxtail staircase is certain to complement to the design of your building. And they’re guaranteed creak-free, which is good news for kids raiding the fridge at midnight! We also specialise in combination steel and timber staircases for the best of both worlds.


Building in remote bush locations presents its own challenges. Choose Foxtail to build your lodge and you’ll appreciate that the extra attention to detail is definitely worth it. We have a strong record of successful lodge projects, including expertise in getting the necessary materials and craftsmen on site on time – and in the right order. Construction projects in pristine wildlife areas demand an even higher level of ecological sensitivity, and our values are entirely aligned with this. Wild Africa is incomparably beautiful, but a Foxtail structure can underline this beauty without taking anything away from it.

Timber Sourcing

Foxtail has established a worldwide network of responsible, sustainable timber suppliers enabling us to locate and transport exactly the timber needed for each project. While African trees provide many beautiful kinds of wood, we can also look further afield if you need a very particular colour, grain or hardness. Equally, if you have spent time in Africa and been beguiled by African timbers, we can source and supply wood from this continent to anywhere in the world, allowing you to ‘take your safari home with you’.


At Foxtail, we build for life. With appropriate care, any product that carries the Foxtail name will endure almost indefinitely. As a natural product, wood does of course change over time – especially if it is exposed to the sun and the rain. This is part of the living beauty and character of timber and can be a source of great joy and satisfaction. To preserve Foxtail structures or decking for decades, we supply a comprehensive maintenance guide on completion of each project. It’s just another example of our world-class customer service. If you would prefer a zero-maintenance decking option, talk to us about composite decking solutions. We also offer a variety of maintenance programmes whereby Foxtail technicians will visit your property and give it the same level of care it received during construction and installation, whether it needs a simple brush or more detailed preservation work.

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